I actually like the Florida Aquarium

I have been a patron of the Florida aquarium in Tampa, since our parents moved us down here when I was a kid.

I actually loved going to the aquarium.

My mom took me every weekend to see the variety of aquatic animals. I loved looking at the sharks most of all. I’m sure it is the reason why I went to university for a marine biology degree. I study sharks plus their habitat. I have a boat plus the kids plus I spend a ton of time on the water. I take our kids to the Florida aquarium in Tampa, Florida, at least once each 2 or 3 weeks. Both of our children like the shark exhibits as much as I do. My child particularly is interested in the crocs and alligators, however our kid prefers the sea lions plus the otters. The aquarium in Tampa feels like the perfect location to go during a overheated Summer afternoon. The location has great AC, restrooms, food, drinks, plus activities for the kids that are educational plus so much fun. It’s the perfect Summer hangout spot. The temperatures in this section of the state of FL are genuinely overheated plus humid during the Summer weeks. It’s nearly impossible to spend time outside unless you go to the beach or a Springtime. I don’t always need to take the boat on the water. Occasionally I want to spend the afternoon indoors. I started tp take the kids to the aquarium various years ago plus now they actually like the mornings when the kids go see the fish. They look forward to the trip all week plus I can use it as a special reward for displaying great behavior.
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