Jerry proposed a very interesting idea

Jerry was getting ready to take one heck of a leap, then he wanted to ask Harriet to marry him! But first, there were numerous things to handle.

He feigned a corporation trip as well as instead went to see his folks. He intended to ask his Mom for permission, however once that section was complete, he had to find a ring which his friend Preston helped accomplish in no time, the Summer season was soon approaching, as well as Jerry wanted to do it then. Jerry tried to guess of the best venue to pop the question. Harriet was not a fan of fancy dinners as well as such treats; Instead, he loved to spend time on the beach or at the famous San Francisco waterfront. The two were excellent choices so that he would recommend at either venue. Jerry had to wait until the weekend when they both had time off work. He proposed they go to the beach, but Harriet felt prefer spending the morning at the waterfront; Either venue worked for Jerry. While they were walking as well as enjoying some ice cream, quickly, Jerry stopped. He put the ice cream down, went down on one knee, as well as got the ring out of his pocket, however all this time, Harriet was walking a few steps before him as well as then turned! She was so shocked but glad by surprise. Harriet said yup amidst cheers from onlookers. They spent the morning laughing as well as talking at the waterfront. One couple even bought them dinner. In the evening, they passed by their number one marijuana dispensary. Harriet wanted some edibles to celebrate since weed was legal in San Francisco.

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