The 5 attraction pass for Tampa tourism

My wifey Bethany plus I decided to take the kids to visit Tampa last weekend.

The two of us hadn’t been to visit Tampa in a long time plus every one of us wanted to take the kids someplace special before their new university year began, and since every one of us were going to be in the town for 2 mornings and nights, every one of us made the choice to go with the Tampa Bay CityPASS.

The City Pass is an event ticket that allows admission to 5 different Tampa Bay attractions. These attractions include the awesome Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, the Florida aquarium, zoo tampa in Lowry Park, the marine aquarium, plus a option between the Museum of Science plus Industry or an evening dolphin cruise. The CityPASS is a cheap way to see various different attractions over one weekend. My wifey plus I thought it was a great deal so every one of us bought passes for the both of us plus all three of our children. I was particularly happy to go to Zoo Tampa in Lowry Park. That was the location I wanted to go first, however unluckyly, it was rather overheated plus humid that afternoon plus genuinely uncomfortable outdoors. The two of us spent an hour or two at the Tampa zoo, before every one of us made the choice to go to a different attraction that was located indoors with air conditioning. The kids particularly didn’t mind going to the aquarium plus our wifey Bethany plus I were much more comfortable in the aquarium than every one of us were standing outside at the zoo. The next afternoon the outdoor temperatures were a bit less damp plus humid, so every one of us spent that afternoon doing another activity that required us to remain outdoors. The kids had a lot of fun that weekend plus so did Bethany.

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