The marijuana industry is always changing

Duke wanted to start over. The divorce was not straight-forward to handle, and he was too drained by it all. Once everything was complete, he decided he wanted a change of scenery. There had been an offer placed on his business, but duke had not thought about accepting it. But after the battle was over, he wanted a fresh start. So, he sold his corporation and began searching for another place to call home. All the kids were grown, and they said they’d come to see him wherever he went. Duke was speaking to a friend who lived in San Francisco. They talked about the location, the people, the weather and many other things. The hour he hung up the iPhone on their second conversation, Duke had made up his mind. He wanted to start a new chapter in his life in San Francisco and perhaps set up a new business. He’d built a single before and knew he could do it again. His friend happened to mention the growing marijuana industry, which had Duke intrigued. The friend said they could partner and open a weed dispensary in a location he’d been eyeing for some time. Duke now had a purpose of going to San Francisco, and this made a transfer easier. When he got there, a tour of Golden Gate Park turned into a magical experience. A passion for flowers and gardens he’d long forgotten came bubbling to the surface, and the Park became his new safe space in the new city. He spent time studying every inch of the over 1000 acres of Park and found it therapeutic as he planned the new corporation with his friend.



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