Why do they call it Cocoa, FL when there are no cocoa trees?

We had lived in Cocoa, FL for almost three years before I wondered why it was called Cocoa? I had never seen a cocoa tree or bush anywhere in the area.

  • I didn’t smell chocolate unless you were walking the streets of Cocoa Village, where they had a myriad of shops.

I decided to do some research into why they called Cocoa, FL, Cocoa. I found that there were several stories that the old timers tell about how the town got its name. There is one story that says the mail used to be delivered by river boat. It was placed in an empty tin box that was labeled Baker’s Cocoa. The box was nailed to a piling in the river that was next to downtown. This story says the city was named after the tin box that held the mail. It was shortened to Cocoa to make it easier for the river boat. There is also the legend that the city was named after an early hotel that was located on the Indian River lagoon. The name of this hotel was the Cocoa House. I couldn’t find any information on why it was called the Cocoa House. I wondered if the climate was different back then than it is now. I’m sure they didn’t have air conditioning, and I was glad I did. All the research I was doing, had me wishing someone would lower the thermostat so I could relax. Since I was the only one home at the moment, I had to get up and lower the thermostat myself.


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