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We went back home several days later, and I could not help but remember how fun Denver had been

Iris was always the unsettled one in university, but she would get in so much trouble because she was always exploring and entertaining most people else, most of whom the university administration thought was a nuisance to them… It turns out that my buddy was onto something none of us knew, performing art. She was absolutely creative and seemed to be multi-talented, and think of dancing or even magic shows; Iris was a star! While she landed herself in several discipline cases, her parents seemed to have a way of getting her back to university, then no one knew that she came from a family of well-linked aristocrats because she hid it so well, but however, later in high university, I l acquired that her passion for the arts came from her Grandparents… Both were famous ballet dancers back in the day. They would teach her some dance moves when she was younger and even encouraged her to follow her heart if art was what she wanted to do; One summer time trip, Iris invited myself and others to go to the Denver center for performing arts with her Grandparents. There was a competition that they were judges at, so both of us got free tickets. It was here that I interacted with artists from all over the country. I also noticed how carefree most people was, however later in the hotel, I could smell something strange. Iris’s Grandparents told us that it was cannabis. Several cannabis dispensaries in Denver sold products to people who were of age. It was legal to use cannabis here, so this was not a large deal. We went back home several days later, and I could not help but remember how fun Denver had been. One day, I will be Iris’s manager and go with her to all these charming places. I finally understood why art was so mesmerizing.

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