I was doing good

Daniel as well as Alice have been together since high university, and many of their friends did not assume their relationship could last… They both went to school in unusual states however somehow managed to beat the odds, after graduating from school, Daniel landed himself a task in Santa Barbara.

Alice moved back cabin as well as began an online corporation that was doing good.

After some time, Daniel commanded to Alice, and he asked if he would transfer to Santa Barbara as well as live with him. Alice did not hesitate since his whole venture could labor someplace in the world. A week later, he was all moved in as well as eager to explore the magnificent coastal city. Their first adventure was spending time at the downtown Santa Barbara food tour. This was an event that took arena in summer, as well as they could savor unusual cuisines. Alice enjoyed food, as well as such events were the highlight of his afternoons; In addition, he got to sample some of the finest wines in the area. After the event, they chose to walk for some time as well as came upon a weed dispensary. Alice wanted to try out a few things since weed is legal in Santa Barbara, and daniel did not even hesitate since he frequented such pot shops ever since he moved there. Their next adventure involved some kayaks as well as the open waters. It was Daniel’s turn to savor something he liked with the guy he enjoyed. The kayak tour was leisurely, as well as it became an interest they did often. Most pictures on their cellphones were of unusual critters savor seals that they interacted with on the way.

Weed Santa Barbara CA