Morris went on a solo vacation to Colorado last fall

The following day he had a full itinerary of places he wanted to visit in Denver

Morris had a month free in summer and was thinking of what to do. He had no intentions of staying at home and decided to tick another place off his bucket list. He had a wheel he made a long time ago of places in the US to visit when he grew up and had money to travel. Morris had a great job that afforded him the luxury of traveling. He sat in his room one night and spanned the wheel. It landed in Colorado. That was so exciting since he’d always wanted to tour Denver. Morris booked the flight and flew to Denver. He preferred to stay in a furnished apartment rather than a hotel. The hotels were full of tourists, so this was a much better place for him to stay. The tour of Colorado was going to last him a month, so he wanted to stock up on groceries. The supermarket had everything he needed, plus he wanted to pass by the marijuana shop to get some CBD candles. Being in a new place was exciting. But he also had a tough time sleeping. The CBD candles would help him relax and sleep through the night. As he was shopping, he decided to get some take-out after. He was tired and just needed to have dinner and go to bed. The following day he had a full itinerary of places he wanted to visit in Denver. The list was extensive, but he would try and squeeze in as many outdoor adventures as possible before the month was over.


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