The sound I heard was the garbage truck

My friends and I went to San Francisco to go to a concert.

The city is a 2-hour drive from our home, but the concert was one of the first after the quarantine was lifted.

I wanted to attend the show and so did my friends. We decided to stop at a recreational cannabis shop in San Francisco about 30 minutes away from the concert venue. We checked all of the prices of recreational cannabis in the area and we chose the place with the cheapest prices. We found several recreational cannabis shops that were closer to the concert venue, but the prices were easily 20% higher. I parked the car in a space next to the garbage can. My friends and I went inside the cannabis shop to browse the selection. I picked up my order first and went outside to the car to wait for my friends. All of a sudden, I heard a very loud and screeching sound. I turned around and realized that the sound I heard was the garbage truck. When the truck picked up the can, he scraped the whole side of my car. The car was severely damaged and I had to contact the insurance company. My friends didn’t want to wait at the dispensary while I talked to the police, but we were too far away from the venue for anyone to leave without me. Even though the damage to the car was severe, we still drove away from the scene. After I took the car to the dealership, I found out that the damage is going to cost almost $4,500 to repair.

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