We really had an awesome time

Nancy loved everything about performing arts, from the dressing up to the actual acts, however she had memorized some of the historical acts & contributors of performing art, it was clear to everyone that cared to listen that this was her passion & future work, and all through high college, she could not keep it to herself; Thankfully, her parents thought it was cool, & they supported her even though they knew nothing about it, when both of us cleared high college, she wanted to tour unusual parts of the country, keen on supporting performing arts, then her target was performing art centers & museums. The people I was with and I had already been to multiple other states, & she was eager to visit Eugene’s ninth area. The elegance of the art center was 1 thing, however it still didn’t prepare us for the magnificent experience ahead! Unknown to me, NAncy had done her research & knew that this was the 1 palace both of us would be experimenting with cannabis since it was all legal. She was also glad that both of us had become legal citizens & could abruptly get the best cannabis from the cannabis dispensaries in Eugene since both of us had IDs to prove it, then only when both of us visited 1 of these sites, I finally understand why she was super excited. I was not sure if this was something I wanted to try just yet, but I still reMained a supportive friend. In the end, it was worth it since Nancy agreed to try cannabis inside the hotel room as that was the only way I could agree to it since I was still playing safe.



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