Going somewhere different in California

My boyfriend and I never go on any trips.

I see other couples constantly planning getaways and I am jealous.

This year the two of us are going somewhere. I have decided on California. Everyone I know has been there and I want to know what all the fuss is about. I don’t want to go to the same areas as everyone else though. My older brother flew into Los Angeles and spent time there and in San Diego. My sister flew into San Francisco and drove north to see the redwoods area. A buddy of mine strictly went to California to see Yosemite National park. It is a big state, so I choose to go along the coast, where nobody has gone. I have a trip planned to go from Santa Barbara and keep driving along the coast to Big Sur, Carmel and then end in Half Moon Bay. Santa Barbara California looks like a good starting location. The beaches, hotels and restaurants all look fancy and high end. I am excited to shop, eat pastries and I found tons of spa services. This will be a nice way to begin. My boyfriend and I can get some legal cannabis and just get high and chill on the beach for a few days. Then when we leave, the two of us will be ready to hike and explore the woods in Big Sur. It should be a fun time. I am glad I will have different pictures and stories from everyone else. Nobody has really dedicated any time along the coast of california or explored the shops.


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