I love Albuquerque, but they are really pushing these laws out.

I love Albuquerque and I have lived here all my life.

ONe of the things I can’t handle right now, is how they are changing the laws about marijuana.

They have recently said that within six months, they were going to decriminalize marijuana. People would be able to have a full ounce of marijuana and not get into trouble. There was a $25 fine for the possession, but it was a minor misdemeanor. I’m really kind of antsy about living in New Mexico, and especially in Albuquerque. I’m sure that many of the cities are adopting minor changes to the marijuana law. One city has changed it so that it was illegal to smoke in public. This could make a big change in how people adapt to the marijuana laws. I know of a lot of people who want to move to a state that doesn’t have legal marijuana in any form. I know that many people like these changes, but I’m not sure the majority of them will be. I’m seriously considering heading out and moving somewhere else if they loosen the laws much more. As much as I love Albuquerque, I ,my family more and I don’t want them subjected to a bunch of potheads who can go from smart and logical to hysterical and giggly in a matter of moments. I’ll give it a year or two from the time the law takes over officially. Once that happens, I will keep a close lookout to see what happens. Albuquerque is nice now, but it won’t take long for the drugs to take over.