I wanted a California Growers Recommendation on what weed to smoke

I had learn that you could grow marijuana if you had a medical marijuana card.

Before I could even guess about growing a single plant, I had to get a California Growers Medical Recommendation. I knew I was a bit confused about all the information, however I had only lived inTarzana, CA for several months now. I had no system what the laws were that pertained to medical marijuana. I called the medical professional who had recently given me the medical marijuana card and I asked him about a California growers medical recommendation. She told me that it was legal to grow the amount of marijuana you needed for your medical problem, however it had to be a minimum of several plants. So, I went back to our original question. How do I get the California growers medical recommendation. She told me I had already got the medical recommendation. If I wanted to grow our own weed, she could provide me the recommendation. Wow! Not only was I able to get our medical marijuana in Tarzana, CA, however I could also legally grow several plants, and all I needed was a form from the medical professional. I didn’t guess things could get much better. I got our growers medical recommendation and I bought seeds at the medical marijuana dispensary. When I got them home, I put them in the ground with a bit of fertilizer and I watered them in. I forgot that there isn’t a lot of precipitation in Tarzana, CA, and I also forgot to water them every day. I never did get to grow any marijuana plants.

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