I was scared traveling across the bridge, but weed helped

The first time my wife and I ever drove through San Francisco, I was nervous and scared about traveling across the bridge.

We had to travel through San Francisco to get to our destination in Northern California.

My wife wanted to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, but I was way too scared, nervous, and anxious. We agreed to take the bridge closer to Oakland. It’s on the east side of San Francisco. About 30 miles before we hit San Francisco, I was already feeling anxious and scared. My wife suggested using some of the cannabis edibles that we picked up in one of the city’s below San Francisco. I smoked a bowl of marijuana that we purchased from a dispensary. It did make me feel better. The dispensary had a sale on sativa strains and I picked up a really nice blue dream. As we got closer to the San Francisco bridge, I decided to close my eyes. I felt less scared than I anticipated, so I decided to open my eyes while we were crossing the bridge. That was a huge mistake. All of the cannabis edibles in the world did not prepare me for that site. The bridge had two lanes going north and two lanes going south and cars were on two separate parts of the bridge. My wife didn’t tell me until a few weeks after we drove through San Francisco, that the bridge we travelled over was the one that fell in the 1989 earthquake. I’m thankful we don’t have to cross that bridge again for several months.

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