It isn’t going to be too bad needing to go to a dispensary.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my doctor outlined the entire process of my treatment.

He gave a detailed outline of what was going to happen and I even got approximate days for the medical transitions.

He was pretty hopeful for my having a full recovery, but I knew all about cancer. I had lost both my mom and dad to cancer. I’m excited to start the treatment so I can get back to my family. My doctor is being so aggressive with my treatment, that I won’t have a chance to sit down and feel sorry for myself. A couple months ago, my family and I went to the Balloon fiesta in downtown Albuquerque. For Christmas, we are going on the RiverWalk in Albuquerque and down to the amusement park to enjoy the Christmas Lights. The only thing my doctor told me was that I would be plagued with nausea while doing chemo. He suggested a low dose marijuana that would help with the nausea and pain. He gave me a prescription and told me to go to the marijuana dispensary which was just a mile from my home. I really dreaded needing to drive into the city for my medical marijuana, but at least it wasn’t too far from the house. I finally got into Albuquerque and got up the courage to go into the marijuana dispensary. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but it wasn’t this clean, orderly store, with all products under lock and key. I guess it isn’t going to be so bad, when I need to go to the marijuana shop in Alquerque.