Living outside the city

When I got a job in Chicago I was very excited.

I was thrilled to be in a big city area where there are bars, restaurants, shops and theaters.

When I started looking around for rentals I was just horrified by the costs. Thankfully I found a rental that was reasonably priced for a month. I gotta try the city out and decide if the cost of an apartment was worth it. It certainly was not. The area was loud, boisterous and could be scary at night. I started looking at areas outside of Chicago that I could live and commute to work. That is how I found Orland Park. It is a cute little area with a nice park, forest preserve, and golf. The area is very pretty, quiet and quite cheap for me to live in. Now that I have lived a year in Orland, I don’t regret my decision. Everything would have been more expensive in the city and I wouldn’t have been able to buy a house. Now I have my own home and can take care of it without any worry. Recently my HVAC system died and I didn’t fear breaking the bank. I have my pick of HVAC companies since I am close to the city but I wasn’t dealing with a high priced apartment. I needed to get both heating and cooling functions since Illinois does get highs and lows requiring it. The winter weather can get in the 30s and the summer weather gets hot. I like that I get both highs and lows though. It makes me appreciate each season.

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