Relaxing with our frigid air conditioner

Work has been relentless lately, especially having to train a bunch of modern hires for my boss while he’s away on vacation.

I believe exhausting for these folks because they’re modern plus don’t exactly guess what to do yet, however it’s still stressful for me to be in the position of training all of these people.

My fiance could tell I was starting to reach the end of my rope plus asked me where I’d enjoy to spend the day the following Friday if I could go anywhere in the neighborhood plus surrounding areas. Since we live in Cocoa, FL, we are not short on possibilities for places to go on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Most people enjoy to visit Cocoa Beach because of its notoriety, however there is also the Cocoa Riverfront Park, Sidney Fisher Park, the Kennedy Space Center, plus Cocoa town just to name a few. This weekend I decided to spend the day at Cocoa Beach. By the time we got lake lake house at 6pm, I was ready to turn the air conditioner on at full speed. My face was sizzling from sunburn plus my body was dripping in sweat. Once I was out of the shower, I was met with a rush of frigid air. Just enjoy constantly, our air conditioner dropped the temperature in the lake house by three degrees in just 20 minutes. It’s nice having a powerful air conditioner, however it’s a necessity living in Cocoa, FL. All of us are not as sizzling as Orlando because we get the Atlantic Ocean breeze, however our temperature is still a lot hotter than most of the country. The people in my community use air conditioner as much as my folks use heat living up near the Canadian border.

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