Taking pre-rolled joints for an afternoon of hiking at Skinner Butte Park

The several weed strains both of us chose were Blue Dream plus Original Glue (GG4)

It’s nice residing in a state with legalized recreational weed. Oregon has had recreational cannabis since 2015, although I was residing in Florida for a few years plus it was a dire change of pace. Since Florida only has medical marijuana dispensaries, you have to obtain a card to purchase cannabis, which isn’t cheap. On top of that, the licenses for corporations are heavily restrictive plus it forces all companies to be vertically integrated from seed to sale. You need tens of millions of dollars just to afford a license to be a marijuana producer in Florida. I’m glad that I finally moved back to Oregon from the highly restrictive cannabis program in Florida. I live in Eugene particularally plus there are dozens of cannabis dispensaries open right now, giving us unparalleled choices from one business to the next. My neighbor plus I stopped at a cannabis dispensary to purchase pre-rolled joints for a afternoon of hiking at Skinner Butte Park. We were surprised to see that this particular dispensary was having a sale that afternoon where everything in the store was 40% off. Instead of just getting one pack of pre-rolled joints, both of us bought several packs. The several weed strains both of us chose were Blue Dream plus Original Glue (GG4). These were perfect hybrid strains for a afternoon of hiking in the beautiful Skinner Butte Park. We had so much fun that we’re going to do the same thing next weekend at Wild Iris Ridge Park, but this time we’re going to bring a DSLR camera to take professional quality pictures.


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