The best part about the city is all of the outdoor stuff

One of the best reasons to live in California is the incredibly awesome weather.

The weather in California is the best in the country.

I visited a lot of different states and I can say this for certain. My family and I grew up in California and it is a place that I never want to leave. The weather is extremely nice and there are outdoor activities for every type of person. I often enjoy going to the beach and the bay. I like fishing and there are a lot of animals in the San Francisco Bay and ocean area. My friends and I spend every weekend doing some type of outdoor activity. I work Monday through Friday and I never have time for outdoor activities during the day. The weekend is the only time when I get to do all of the things that I want. My day off begins with a stop at the cannabis dispensary. Cannabis legalization is another great reason to live in California. Cannabis has been legal for a number of years and prices reflect the abundance and product. California has the lowest prices on marijuana products. If you catch the dispensary on the right day, you can often save 20% on your cannabis elections. When my friends and I go to the beach, I pick up several different sativa pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are very easy to use because they are already rolled cigarettes with cannabis in the side. They look like cigarettes, but smell like marijuana. They’re not quite as discreet as a vape pen, but they are portable and easy-to-use. Whether we are on a boat, on the beach, or spending the day at one of the places in Golden Gate Park, marijuana always makes that day a lot more enjoyable.


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