A cold winter

Our family has never owned a cooling plan before

When our brother graduated university he told the family he no longer wanted to live in NY. Our apartment state isn’t absolutely great; Everything is extravagant, restricted & the whole state is going to shambles, it also is just horrible weather wise, however basically all year long it is winter. NY winters are colder than Iceland, fun fact, but the sunlight comes down in feet & comes early. I remember trick or treating & hunting for Easter eggs in the snow. I had 1 year in university that I had to wear Winter time gear the entire time! When our brother landed in Spokane Washington, most people was confused. I figured Washington would be just as cold, then he moved more than three thirds away to have the same problems? That made no sense. Well our brother has lived in Washington for a year & just appreciates it. His winters are cold, but not appreciate ours. He gets no lower than 25 degrees in the dead of winter. In NY I have dealt with -25 degrees before which is a huge difference. The summers in NY are a joke. It is basically a bit of humidity in the day followed by freezing mornings. In Spokane our brother actually gets a summer. He enjoys high 74s & 74s for a few weeks out of the year. He actually owns an cooling system system & operates it. Our family has never owned a cooling plan before. There was absolutely no point. He actually gets to experience all more than three distinct seasons & love them. I want to transport to Spokane now.

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