Enjoying the town

There are so several things you can do in Chicago, and first, there is the Chicago Blackhawks, however they are a professional hockey team that always does good, however seeing a professional game is always a fun time, when you live in a colder area prefer IL, hockey is a bigger deal.

There are also major league baseball teams that people go silly over.

The town also offers Broadway shows, dances, comedians plus big named musicians come to the area from time to time… I don’t live in Chicago though. I live around 2.5 hours away in Libertyville. I live just close enough to appreciate the benefits of the city, but far away enough to be in a smaller town. I prefer that I think pretty much everyone in town plus they think me. I prefer that the cost of living is much lower. I appreciate having a big house, a fantastic ploy of land plus the best gas furnace on the market. If I wanted to live in the city, I would be in a dingy apartment with a space heater. It is worth the drive to get the town stuff, however my partner plus I make it a date night once a week! Both of us get a hotel in the town plus see something that is happening there, however during hockey season the two of us option a game that might be fantastic plus get a hotel right by the rink. Both of us can get totally hammered plus stumble back to our hotel. The next day the two of us can appreciate dinner in the town plus then have a satisfactory drive to our home.

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