Had to relocate plus I don’t mind it

My wife recently got promoted at work plus had to relocate our family… She had a few options on where all of us could go, but there were places down south, major cities plus spots along the coast.

The multiple of us ended up getting Libertyville IL, then at first I was seriously bummed, however i have lived in a warmer weather conditions our whole life. Have you ever looked up the daily weather in IL? It is ridiculously cold. I figured I would hate it so much. After living there a full year I realized that I love cooler weather. I love being able to wear long pants plus a jacket, but where I used to live, it was shorts all year long. It also was A/C for most of the year, however now in Libertyville, the focus is heating. I much care about dealing with a heating plan than an A/C systems get mold, mildew plus algae in them. There is something super gross about that. With oil furnaces, they just get dusty plus rusty. I invested in a seasonal HVAC system that has the HVAC corporation checking our plan a few times a year. It keeps our furnace laboring in tip top shape. I never have to go a day without heating, however since I have such a fantastic oil furnace, I entirely don’t mind the cold. My wife even purchased a snow blower plus salt to take care of the ice. Our area is pretty cheap to live in plus there always seems to be something going on in town. My youngsters love it a lot better.

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