I stayed in a hotel in Evansville while the people I was with and I were in a road trip to Ohio

I don’t take a lot of roadtrips now that I’m a father of several plus have a partner with chronic health problems.

The only time I’m on the road longer for more than a few hours is when our employer needs myself and others to visit an pressing client.

Last month I had to drive straight to Toledo, Ohio without air travel. Even though I’m compensated for the gasoline, I don’t prefer putting the wear plus tear on our car. When I packed our car plus planned the trip itinerary on our iphone, I realized that the trip would take at least several nights. I would need to stop for the night on the first afternoon, although I don’t prefer sleeping in our car on the side of the internet at a car stop because of the horrible stories I’ve heard over the years. Based on where I expected to be around 8pm that afternoon, I would be driving through IN near Evansville. Stopping in a hotel in Evansville seemed prefer a great idea, especially if I could get a room with a view of the Ohio river. That led myself and others to stay in Goosetown near Mickey’s Kingdom Park to be exact. I arrived at around 8:30pm plus had a chance to look at the river the minute I got out of our car. I was amazed at the sight plus could barely make out Sigeco Beach on the other side of the river. Unluckyly the cooling system in the hotel wasn’t laboring correctly plus I had to be moved to a room that doesn’t have a view of the river. I’d rather be in a room with a laboring cooling system plus heater, although I was disappointed that I missed out on our view of the Ohio River while the people I was with and I were in our trip to Evansville, IN.


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