Napping at the airport was no fun at all

Denver, Colorado Winters, are occasionally mild.

Even during the month of February, the outdoor temperatures can reach 60 degrees or higher.

There is very little humidity in the city as well. More than half of the days each year have son. This mild weather and temperatures are due to the extremely high city altitude. Denver, Colorado is the mile high city and it got its nickname due to the severe altitude. While winter is mild, numerous of the ski resorts have fresh snow powder multiple weeks away from the year. My best friend as well as myself went to a ski resort in winter. My parents were not entirely happy that we decided to stay at the college instead of going to their home. My bestie as well as myself stayed in the city for 5 days. Both of us went to the different ski resorts and when it was time for us to leave, the flight was actually delayed by the Denver International. My bestie as well as myself were prepared to sleep in the airport even though it was freezing. Even with a hat, thankfully the winter weather was cleared and everyone of us did not have a lot of delays . sweater, as well as mittens, every one of us were still very cold. My bestie as well as myself went to a hotel where they had a comfortable bed as well as heat.You would not know if it wasn’t that way, but it is for all of us here in Denver.


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