We're enjoying Santa Barbara

When I booked a plane ticket to CA, the idea was to spend a few afternoons sightseeing plus do a wine tour! I told a few friends I was going to do a Napa Valley wine tour based out of San Francisco plus all the people recommended against it, however apparently the people neighbord with that are kind of snobbish plus rude, the wine train is fun but the stops along the way aren’t… Enough people reviewed it poorly that I started looking elsewhere.

I already had a ticket to CA, I just needed a wine stop.

I didn’t want to tour a small winery, but a lot of larger 1s. I ended up finding a wine tour that is based out of Santa Barbara… You can still taste Napa wines but on this different tour. The cost of it is much cheaper since you aren’t on a physical train. I also love the area of Santa Barbara plus I love it so much better than San Francisco. It is less of a major city think plus more of a luxury area. There is so much to do there that it is a bit overwhelming. I found parks, museums, shopping, public gardens plus so much more. I even forgot in my planning that recreational cannabis is allowed in the state. I made sure to book a hotel that is right by a recreational weed shop. I am excited. I can try out some CAn wine plus then prefer legal weed on the same day. I think the trip is going to be so much fun.

Weed Near Me Santa Barbara California