I chose Seattle over my boyfriend

Seattle is not for everyone, and that’s a good thing! Above all else, the Jet City has character, it has personality, and that means it’s perfect for some people, but not for others.

  • When I moved here with my long-time boyfriend, he started getting depressed.

It turns out that the sunny skies and high temps of the south were more conducive to his happiness, and the bleak clouds and frequent rainfall of the Pacific Northwest made him feel sad. It was a tough breakup, but at that point I already knew that I would let him go before I let Seattle go. I might have been born and raised in the deep south, but it turns out I was always a Seattle boy at heart. The sunset isn’t visible in Seattle every night, but the ones we do get are always spectacular. One of my favorite things is to stop by one of the great local cannabis dispensaries and get a pre-rolled joint to smoke on the shore of the Puget Sound. A headful of locally grown Seattle cannabis and the sight of the sun sinking into the Pacific ocean is enough to make me feel poetry in my heart. Little things like that are why I love Seattle so much, because it’s more than a place, it’s a feeling. Call me corny if you must, I’ve dumped boyfriends for Seattle before, so not much can faze me at this point. That’s another benefit that I get from smoking this amazing locally grown weed, better known as the Seattle sativa.



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