I was looking for a quieter life than Chicago when I settled in Lansing for HVAC work

Being an attorney fresh out of law school meant that I was limited on options if I wanted to find immediate work.

Through a family connection I got a job at a huge law firm in Chicago near the coast of Lake Michigan.

Despite the gorgeous view of the lake, living in Chicago was exhausting for someone like me who was used to semi-rural suburbs. Chicago is in the top five most densest cities in the nation after New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami. Just walking a few blocks down LaSalle Street is enough to give me a headache and make me feel tiny amidst a sheer mountain range of towering skyscrapers. Some people might love living in a busy city like this where you can get hot food at 4am but I am much happier living in my quiet neighborhood in Lansing. Since I’m not too far from the windy city, I can always drive north for more options of stores to shop at and restaurants to visit. I also wanted to start getting my certification in HVAC work and saw that a company in Lansing was looking for apprentice HVAC technicians. Since my house is on Ridge Road it’s not far from my employer’s headquarters. Summers in Lansing aren’t very hot as temperatures rarely peak above the upper 80s, but winters are brutal by comparison. At worst Lansing could see temperatures in the single digits, but often we’re hovering between 20 degrees and 36 degrees. Most of our business covers indoor heating for the Lansing and Hammond areas.


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