My dad needed a new AC before summer

The average summer temperature in Tampa Bay is 95 degrees during the summer months. When the temperatures are humid, the air conditioner has to work harder to cool the air. Summer temperatures in Tampa Bay are very difficult on the AC system. Last summer my dad needed to replace the AC unit and he had to spend a fortune. He contacted a lot of Tampa Bay HVAC repair companies for an estimate. Most of the places wanted the same amount of money. Some of them charged a little more for the equipment and some of them charged a little more money for the labor. All of their fees work out the same, so my Dad decided to choose the Tampa Bay HVAC repair company with the best online reviews. About a week after Memorial Day, my dad made an appointment with the Tampa Bay Company. The company was having a sale on all new systems and my dad saved 10% by waiting the extra week to have the work completed. It took all day for the system technician to install the items necessary for the machine to work properly. I was surprised by all of the work involved. I figured it was simple to switch out the machines, but there is a lot more work involved. One of the guys had to get out a welding torch and shape the metal so it would fit properly in the space where it was housed. It’s easy to understand why the installation fees are so high after watching the repair technicians work all day.

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