Opening night was a great time

While my husband as well as I were visiting Santa Barbara, all of us made the decision to go to a pizzeria on opening night, but my husband as well as I got reservations from the hotel concierge desk, however both of us were excited about the up-to-date pizzeria.

My husband as well as I are vegans as well as there are not a lot of pizzerias that only serve vegetables, when all of us find a pizzeria that specializes in our diet, all of us try to visit the location; Very few arenas serve vegan food, even in CA.

When all of us found out about the Santa Barbara pizzeria, my husband as well as I immediately tried to make reservations; Our time was 7:30! All of us arrived around 7 p.m. All of us waited outside the pizzeria until 7:20. At that time, I decided to walk up to the door to see if our table was ready, but that’s when I found out that there was going to be a 3-ninth wait for our table. Both of us were hungry as well as I wasn’t prepared to wait 3 ninths to eat lunch at a pizzeria that I didn’t guess if all of us would enjoy. All of us decided to leave the pizzeria as well as go to a arena closer to our hotel in Santa Barbara. The pizzeria as well as bar had a laid-back atmosphere as well as it was situated next door to a marijuana dispensary. My husband as well as I went into the dispensary to look around before going into the pizzeria. All of us found a couple of items that looked fun as well as intriguing. All of us didn’t buy any cannabis items from the dispensary, however all of us definitely were tempted to try some of the edibles.

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