Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge was wicked fun

My wife and I decided to visit San Francisco, California for our honeymoon.

We lived on the east coast and a trip across the country sounded like a lot of fun.

My wife was particularly interested in visiting some of the places in San Francisco. She talked me into the idea and it did not take much to convince me. I really wanted to see The Wharf and Alcatraz Island. While my wife and I were in San Francisco, we decided to rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. There were a couple of places on Lombard Street and we rented an e-bike from one of those vendors. The right across the bridge was relatively easy and the view was spectacular. About halfway across the bridge, we ran into a large group of people that were standing in our way. They were all using recreational marijuana. It was easy to smell the weed. It has a very pungent odor and smells awful. When my wife and I asked a couple of people to move, we saw a marijuana joint in someone’s hand. Everyone was huddled together trying to keep the marijuana joint from burning out in the wind. After we finished our ride across the bridge, my wife and I ended up having a discussion about recreational marijuana. I honestly thought she was completely against the idea, so I was surprised when she hinted that she might want to try it. That was another fun and wild experience that the two of us shared on our honeymoon in California.

Recreational Pot San Fransisco CA