Trying to make it as an artist in Seattle

It’s good to live somewhere that appreciates art. You have to understand that this is all new to me, and the urban sprawl of Seattle is the home I always wanted, but it still takes some getting used to. I grew up in a small midwestern town, where the most valuable thing about education was high school football. Anyone who wasn’t an athlete didn’t go to college, or do anything other than work on a farm. I wanted to write, and draw, and paint, and sculpt, so you can only imagine how refreshing it was to move to a place like Seattle, WA. For decades Seattle has been a haven for artists of all stripes, and I felt welcomed as soon as I moved here. That said, there is a lot of competition in all the artistic pursuits, so it’s hard to make a living with your art in Seattle at first. I had to build up my skill set, and my reputation in the Seattle art scene, so to make ends meet in the meantime I started working in a cannabis dispensary. The only scene more vibrant around here than the art scene is the cannabis industry, which is thriving. There are even multiple Seattle dispensaries that will showcase local artists on their walls! Alas, the dispensary where I work doesn’t do that, but maybe if I’m persistent enough they will start. I like my job, but if I want to make it in the Seattle art community I need to start getting my work out there where people can see it.

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