We really did have a great time in Denver

My friends as well as I went to Denver for a pro-am golf tournament.

  • We were representing our lake house golf league.

Jack as well as I have the best scores. Each of us has had a couple of hole in 1 shots. I was common with the Denver course. I lived in Denver for more than two years during our twenties. I smoked a ton of cannabis when I lived in Denver. That’s 1 of the reasons why I had to leave the town as well as transport anywhere else. With legalized marijuana being easy to obtain, I didn’t have any control over our addiction to marijuana. I was worried about going back to Denver, but I wanted to play in the tournament. Jack as well as I got rooms at a easily swanky hotel close to the course. The hotel had a important advertisement in the lobby for a weed delivery service. The Denver weed delivery service was free as well as fast. I wasn’t even unpacked before I picked up the hotel phone to order cannabis supplies. The next day, I played 1 of the worst rounds of golf in the history of our game. I shot an 86 on a par 70 course. I had more than one triple bogeys as well as I sliced half of our shots off the fairway, but clearly weed wasn’t the best plan before a important activitying event the next day. I had a minute round the next day. I stayed disinfect as well as didn’t smoke weed. The next round was a 67. The improvement was significant as well as I got noticed by a couple of professionals. They wanted to think our secret weapon.

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