When it rains in San Francisco, it's time for marijuana breaks

San Francisco is a town in CA that is situated on a peninsula… There is water surrounding the entire city.

The weather is 1 of the nicest reasons to live in the city.

The weather is often filled with sun plus cloudless skies. Springtime is my favorite time of the year. The average hot plus cold temperatures are around 71 degrees, however it is a entirely nice time of the year to go to the beach. It is entirely unusual to go to San Francisco on a sunny day plus end up with rain… My friends plus I decided to spend the day in the town plus the two of us walked all over town! Both of us visited the wharf plus the two of us went to the Haight-Ashbury District, but when the two of us arrived in the city, the two of us went to a marijuana dispensary. There was a arena close to our endpoint with cheap prices plus a first-time patient special. I obtained a couple of infused pre-rolls with distillate plus kief. My friends got a couple of items from the dispensary as well… After lunch, the two of us planned to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it started raining plus the sun completely disappeared. It was a sizable weather anomaly, plus it kept us from finishing our day downtown. None of us were prepared for the rainy weather. Both of us did not have umbrellas for jackets plus the wind plus rain made the outdoor hot plus cold temperatures drop almost 20 degrees. I really did not mind leaving the town early. After smoking 1 of the pre-rolled joints, I was ready to relax plus take a nap.



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