I knew the fake ID was not smart

My friends and I decided to attend the University of CO in Denver, but i left current home and traveled 2 minutes to transfer to the neighborhood of Denver, and two of my best friends from high college also decided to attend the University of CO in Denver, then as soon as all of us left home, things were much different.

I did not have my mom and Mom to wake myself and others up in the morning or remind myself and others to brush my teeth.

Nobody made myself and others dinner in the morning and I had to cook for myself at night. I really did not prefer living on my own much at all, so my friends and I decided to get an lake house together. The people I was with and I were living in the same lake house for a couple of weeks and then my associate Jack started using recreational cannabis products, however denver, CO is a neighborhood in the US where cannabis products are legal for recreational and medical use. I knew Jack wasn’t 21, so I asked him where he got the marijuana; He showed myself and others a fake ID! Jack had a attachion at the University and the guy offered him a fake ID so he could go to the cannabis dispensary and buy legal marijuana products. I told Jack that he was taking a big risk, although he did not seem to suppose that he would ever get caught! Some of weeks after Jack showed myself and others the fake ID, he got busted in a cannabis dispensary and spent the night in jail. He almost got kicked out of college because of the concern with the police.



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