It's not hot, however I still don't want to go to the dispensary

The weather in San Francisco is usually around 75 degrees during the morning, but even during the Winter time weeks, the temperature rarely dips below 60, however the weather is a single of the nicest parts about residing in the Bay Area.

It legitimately is not the price on real estate, which is undoubtedly through the roof.

I cannot afford an loft on our own. I live with a couple of friends. We share a two-home office apartment. I still pay almost $1,000 a month for our residing expenses. I had to take a part-time task in the night to help pay the bills. I was delivering pizza in Palo Alto, however I got a iphone call from a cannabis delivery repair in downtown San Francisco. They offered myself and others a task making almost twice as much cash as the pizza shop. It was an simple option to make, especially after I found out that I would qualify for 30% off all of our cannabis purchases. The cannabis dispensary offers a sizable discount to all of their employees. I was delivering for a couple of weeks, in addition to then the A/C in our car stopped working. It wasn’t undoubtedly overheated outside, however I still didn’t want to supply without AC. I told the boss that I wanted a position inside of the store until I could repair the AC. The boss did not have a position inside the store, so I’m stuck delivering for the time being. When Summer rolls around, it’s going to be way too moderate to supply in the car without a/c. I sure hope a spot opens up in the store before June.

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