Just an hour outside of the bay area, you can find redwood trees

There’s a park about an hour outside of the Bay Area and it is a place where you can find large redwood trees. My wife and I discovered the park a few months ago, when we decided to drive around the San Francisco Bay area. We drove up to Point Raise and the National Seashore. We ran into a park and area near the beach that is covered with redwood trees. We took a lot of pictures while we were there. We planned to go back to the same park to spend a weekend camping in the trees. Before we left the San Francisco Bay area, we stopped at a recreational and medical marijuana shop. My wife and I did not want to spend the entire weekend without recreational marijuana supplies. We were completely out of dried marijuana flower and I wanted to get a half ounce of OG Kush. OG Kush is one of my favorite marijuana strains. It’s been around for a long time, but it has a quick flowering time and lots of thick buds. My wife and I got a six pack of cones so we could make 6 joints out of the OG Kush flower. I took my grinder from the house. After we were done setting up the tent, we sat inside of the car and filled all of the cones with OG Kush flower. We smoked a joint before we laid down for bed. In the morning, we woke up refreshed and ready to explore the area. We spent all day hiking around the park. We hiked the trail near the creek and we saw several large trees.

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