Lots to Do and Liberal Laws Make Santa Barbara a Great Tourist Area

If you are planning a vacation, and you want to go somewhere that’s not a gigantic City and offers lots of relaxation, you might consider going to Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara, a city of around 100,000 people, seems like a planet away from its bigger sister Los Angeles. Santa Barbara is a place to relax. Perch majestically along the coastline, Santa Barbara is a mix of Old World charm and a liberal, Progressive Outlook. People can be found dancing along State Street where there are a variety of upscale shopping opportunities, dining options, and boutique hotels. You will notice as you stroll along hand-in-hand with your better half, the curved architecture and red tile roofs reminiscent of the Spanish culture that helped build California. You are also likely to notice that sprinkled amongst the older places are newer, hipper cannabis restaurants and marijuana bars. Because of the liberal laws in Santa Barbara, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are both legal in the area. If you like to sit on the beach and enjoy some legal cannabis, it’s no problem. But of course, you have to be 18! Besides for the downtown area and State Street, there’s lots of other stuff to do as well. You can enjoy all sorts of water sports, as the city Jets against the Pacific Ocean. Whether you like to jet ski, go boating, or sit along the shoreline smoking a cannabis cigarette oh, you are in luck.If you are a person of Faith, there’s a place for you in Santa Barbara as well. The oldest churches are of the Episcopal and Catholic faith, but you can find a church for just about any faith in Santa Barbara.

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