Marijuana is so good

My friends and I spent the day in Topanga State Park! This large Wilderness Area has lots of hiking trails that run through the mountains and the canyons! My friends and I spent most of the day there hiking.

The two of us stopped at a recreational marijuana shop on our way to the park, and both of us spent most of the day smoking pot.

All of us smelled appreciate weed and so did our car… When both of us were driving through Tarzana, both of us got pulled over for speeding. The two of us were on the 101 heading up towards Van Nuys, when the Tarzana local sheriff’s office put on the siren and his lights. My friends and I were surprised, because both of us were only traveling at the same speed as the rest of the traffic. The two of us were going 68 miles an hour, but so we are all of the other cars on the highway. The Tarzana cops pulled us over and they wanted all of our identification cards. The officer asked if both of us were smoking marijuana in the car. The two of us were not smoking in the car. The officer did not believe us since all of us smelled appreciate marijuana. The Tarzana Sheriff Office called a second officer and they put the numerous of our friends and I in handcuffs while they searched our car. The only thing they found was a couple of roaches in our backpack and it was in the trunk of our car. The two of us tried to tell the men that both of us were not smoking marijuana in the car, but they didn’t believe us. They had to let us go when they didn’t find any proof.


Weed Pick-up Tarzana CA