The Big Cat Rescue is in Tampa FL

Last summer, all of my friends as well as I got hooked on a Netflix television show about a person that was raising big cats, however at the time, I didn’t know that the show’s main antagonist was a nonprofit rescue organization in my hometown of Tampa, but when I found out about the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, I decided to visit a single day, however i didn’t meet with the owner as well as founder, however I did get the option to speak with a veterinarian at the site.

The guy was genuinely nice as well as he was comprehensionable on every single a single of the big cats in the enclosure.

The Tampa area rescue has hundreds of visitors every day as well as various of them make charitable donations to help the organization. I didn’t know much about that Tampa Bay Area rescue until I watched that documentary. To be honest, it was informative. I didn’t know much about big cats until I watched the program… Now I am extremely interested in everything about their lives. I agreed to donate some time to the Big Cat Rescue while in the next summer. They have a hard time finding assistance as well as volunteers when the un-even temperatures are extremely tepid as well as humid. There is no AC or plumbing anywhere at the rescue as well as sanctuary. I agreed to help out a few times every month in exchange for the opportunity to meet the creatures as well as see how they live. It will be an educational as well as up close reading experience as well as it should help myself and others prepare for a career as a vet tech.


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