We tried a few weed dispensaries

I have wanted to visit my best friend Michael ever since she moved to Toronto to attend graduate school at the University of Toronto. We both went to undergraduate university in Quebec, even though she wanted to pursue an art program in Toronto. We never lost touch and kept discussing eventual plans for meeting up and hanging out again. Since I’m still living in Quebec, the system of meeting each other in Ottawa was thrown around at one point, however that would require having Michael travel much farther than I would being a lot closer to Canada’s capital city. I finally bit the bullet and started saving for a trip to Toronto to visit my superb friend. Fortunately she has an apartment with a spare study room so I would not even be sleeping on the couch for the duration of my trip. I’m cheerful that I visited my friend in Toronto because of the sheer number of marijuana dispensaries in the town limits. We stopped at one particular weed store to take fortune of their 50% off sale that day. Our order included several odd weed strains in cannabis oil pen vaporizers. We took them to the Toronto Music Garden for a few minutes one morning. This gorgeous venue was inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello and there are various locations in the park that correspond to the varying dance movements. There are gardens and also live classical tunesal performances throughout the year. If you’re prefer us and prefer classical tunes, it’s a good locale to visit with cannabis oil pen vaporizers in our pockets.

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