Eugene, OR is a great city

Jack and I went to a concert in Portland; Our favorite alternative band was performing at the stadium and we had tickets in the seventh row center, then the people I was with and I left our apartment in Eugene, OR at 4 in the day.

The people I was with and I knew traffic was going to be heavy in Salem, so we planned an extra hour just in case.

As soon as we got outside of Eugene, we stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary that sells infused joints. There are only a few recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene and only 1 of those locales sells infused joints, infused joints really pack a punch and they taste great. They usually have 30 or 40% THC or higher… Jack and I smoked an Infused joint on our way to the concert. As soon as we hit Salem, the traffic started to slow down. It took nearly an hour to drive from Salem to Portland and it only took an hour to drive from Eugene to Salem. The people I was with and I still arrived with plenty of time to spare, but both of us were weary from the long drive. The concert was an amazing show filled with lights and sounds. The band played on till after midnight! By the time Jack and I headed back house to Eugene, it was almost 1 in the day. The people I was with and I entirely should have stayed at a hotel that night, but we didn’t have any money left over after we went to the dispensary and the concert. I spent every dollar in my pocket other than the thirty bucks I needed for gas.

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