I agreed to that issue

My partner and I went to San Francisco for a couple of days.

The people I was with and I rented a automobile from the airport so all of us could transport around more easily.

The people I was with and I could have called an Uber every time all of us needed to go somewhere, but that would have been a pain in the butt. I agreed to rent a automobile and the first place our partner wanted to go was a hockey course an second and a half South of San Francisco. The hockey course is one of the most famous places on the west coast. My partner promised the most amazing and stunning views if I agreed to spend the afternoon with him. I did not want to be a party pooper, so I agreed to the afternoon of hockey and the drive down the coast. The people I was with and I passed a lot of billboards for recreational Cannabis as all of us were leaving the bay area. My partner and I joked around about stopping to buy a marijuana joint, but all of us thought all of us were too old to engage in that nonsense. The people I was with and I smoked marijuana in the seventies When all of us were young, but it seems crazy now that all of us are Grandparents. The people I was with and I leave the recreational marijuana to the young kids and hipsters. The drive down the coast was absolutely amazing. My partner was right about the stunning views. I absolutely enjoyed the rocks and the ocean waves crashing behind the hockey course. It made for a easily pretty afternoon and there were times when it was almost passionate. I never considered leaving San Francisco for the afternoon, but all of us absolutely had fun exploring the coast.

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