I was on the board and that got me a lot of credit

I visited art museums in all of the cities that I have inhabited.

Whether it was the massive Metropolitan Museum in NY City or the modest Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL—I went to these sites a number of different times both alone as well as with friends.

Before leaving FL, I was able to like their burgeoning legal medical weed market. Although California allows any adults over 21 to purchase cannabis within the state, FL is still a medical weed only state for now. Because of this, there aren’t nearly as several sites to buy weed in FL as there are in California. Being in southern California in the San Fernando Valley increases my access to quality cannabis even more. The dispensaries in Tarzana are overpriced compared to ones in Oakland or Fresno to the north. But one thing Tarzana has is access to amazing art, especially at the Getty Center. One of my recent trips to that art gallery was enhanced greatly by the strong dose of THC I had on board from eating RSO earlier in the afternoon. The Getty Center is a quick drive across the hills on Interstate 405. They had an exhibit that week on European Impressionism as well as I was eager to arrive before the Getty Center became too packed as well as crowded. Living in the San Fernando Valley is a lot different than Sarasota, FL. The population density is much higher in sites like Tarzana as well as in Los Angeles proper. On the bright side, the people I was with and I have phenomenal access to cannabis in this area. The number of weed stores in Tarzana alone is staggering!

Recreational Pot Store Tarzana CA