The beach house in Orland park needs renovations badly

My wifey plus I live in Chicago, however both of us have a rental beach house in Orland Park, then all of us used to live in Orland Park when both of us started out.

All of us had a several-study room beach house there plus both of us decided to transport to the city after my wifey got a promotion at work.

All of us were going to sell the beach house in Orland Park, however both of us decided to keep the place as a rental plus stay… We’ve had a couple of problems from time to time with the site, however now the beach house in Orland Park needs renovations badly, one of the biggest concerns is the heating plus a/c; It gets cold in that section of the state plus heating is an important section of the Winter time months. The last time both of us had renters in the house, both of us had to replace the furnace. The renters called us several mornings in a row complaining about cold temperatures in the house. When I sent a furnace repair service, the renters refused to let their guy into the house. I have no method why they would not allow the repair service to come in, however they called me the next afternoon plus asked me to send someone else. I was beyond aggravated with the rental renters plus I told them that I was not going to renew their lease the following month, and now that the renters are out of the house, I have time to make all of the renovations plus repairs necessary. The next time both of us rent the site, we’re going to find better renters plus charge a higher rental fee.

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