This week is going to be weird

Even though I’m into drastic sports like snowboarding, surfing, & skateboarding, I still dislike to chop the rules, then i have a regular job at an accounting firm & I go to work every Tuesday through Sunday.

I never take a day off work unless it is already scheduled… Last Tuesday was a legitimately rare exception, however my best neighbor called myself and others on Tuesday evening, however he told myself and others that there was a 10 foot swell about an minute south of San Francisco.

He had some videos from friends that were already surfing in the area & the waves looked great. It had been many weeks since all of us had any serious wave action, so I decided to chop the rules & I called our boss to tell the guy that I was sick. He didn’t question our story, because I never take a day off work. Jack & I are headed out of San Francisco, however not before stopping at a cannabis shop that opens early in the afternoon, and the day of Surfing wasn’t going to be as much fun unless all of us had plenty of recreational marijuana supplies, however after all of us grabbed many pre-rolls, Edibles, & a couple of THC infused drinks, all of us drove down the coast to find Jack’s friends & the perfect place for our day of surfing, but before all of us headed out on the water, all of us smoked a single of the two gram infused pre-rolls. It had a half a gram of distillate infused into the indoor flower. My eyup were seeing double while I was trying to paddle out on the water. Thank goodness I am an experienced swimmer & surfer.


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