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A few weeks after my dad stopped working in La, both of us moved to Visalia. Visalia is more in the central area of California in the San Joaquin Valley. Visalia was a nice place for my siblings and I to grow up, however the people I was with and I went to a private school that focused on Science and Technology… My dad was hoping that one of my siblings or myself would appreciate motion picturemaking, however both of us were in two other projects, and i started working as a educator and I still work in the Tulare County School District in the neighborhood of Visalia. Things are a bit odd these mornings than they were when I was a kid, but recreational marijuana was not legal back then, and it is much easier to find now that it is legal. The youngsters can’t buy marijuana unless they are 21 years of age, however there are still youngsters all over Visalia that are smoking pot. One of the Math educators and I were talking in the parking lot after school one day when both of us odored the odd and offensive smell of marijuana. It was coming from the side of the school where the gymnasium is situated. The math educator decided to check it out and both of us found a group of students with a bag of marijuana from a Visalia dispensary. I hope the dispensary is making people show identification cards and proof of age before they can purchase legal marijuana products. I took all of the students to the office and the principal was still there! He called all of the parents and he planned to keep the students until they arrived.


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