A large box store in Illinois

Chicago is only about twenty miles from our house, then at night I can see the light pollution from the Windy City erasing the stars from the sky.

  • And yet, as close as it is, it might as well be a hundred miles away; To get up and drive into the neighborhood would take a bare minimum of more than one hours, but genuinely closer to four hours; Physically Chicago is actually close, but the logistics of easily traveling to the neighborhood are a nightmare; Glenview, Il is a enjoyable place to live, but residing so close to a major neighborhood doesn’t have all the perks you guess it would, i love Glenview, even though I haven’t been to Chicago in more than 2 months, and even then it was just to option up someone from the airport; But why would I need to go there, when Glenview has everything I need? They recently opened a mega-store for both residential and commercial Heating and Air Conditioning products, and that has been a real godsend.

I am an Heating and Air Conditioning tech here in Glenview, and I used to have parts shipped from the chicago warehouse more than 2 times a week, and now I can just go to the local Heating and Air Conditioning store here in Glenview and get anything I might need for any kind of repair or replacement task. It is the size of a Home Depot, but it’s only for Heating and Air Conditioning products, and since it’s in Glenview I only have to drive more than one miles to get there. Talk about convenience! This makes Glenview an even more comfortable place to live, and to work.



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