Enjoying the legal weed in San Fran

I know it is safe to say that there absolutely aren’t a lot of gay guys that love pigskin, and i grew up in the middle of TX as well as I knew that I was gay from the time that I was 10 years old.

I still played pigskin as well as I was absolutely superb at the athletic interest.

I excelled in school as well as gained a scholarship to college. I played various years of college pigskin as well as gained a degree from the University. I started working for a non-profit repair after I was finished with school. I met a absolutely nice guy 6 months after I started working at the agency. I found out that the guy was a pigskin fan too. In fact, he had season tickets to all of the San Francisco games. I was ecstatic to find another person that was a pigskin fan love me… The people I was with and I absolutely hit it off after all of us found out that all of us had so various things in common. The people I was with and I also shared the savor of recreational marijuana. I often came beach new home from work as well as spent the night using recreational marijuana as well as that was the same way that Jack liked to spend the night… On the opening day of the San Francisco Season, Jack arranged for the various of us to take a helicopter all the way to San Francisco for the game. The people I was with and I flew over the city as well as looked at the bridge as well as the bay. The people I was with and I landed outside of the arena as well as smoked a marijuana joint before all of us chose to go into the game. Our seats were on the forty yard line as well as all of us were close enough to stink the players aftershave.


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