I don't think anyone expected the fight to break out

Every once in a while, we have a problem with a loud customer in the marijuana dispensary. We have a security guard sitting outside of the dispensary and we also have a security guard inside of the building. Two security guards in the Denver marijuana dispensary are supposed to prevent problems from occurring. Unfortunately, problems can still occur when people don’t get along. The Denver marijuana dispensary was packed on Saturday and I was working at the front counter. We were out of a couple of products and the customer at my counter was upset about the stock issues. I was trying to make the customer happy, by suggesting other marijuana products. The guy in line behind my customer started getting upset when the process took longer than he expected. He started nudging the guy at the counter. The guy at the counter raised his voice and told the other guy to stop pushing. I honestly could not have guessed what happened next. Suddenly the two guys started fist fighting. The guys only exchanged a couple of words in the Denver marijuana dispensary, before they started punching each other. When the guy started fighting, the security guard quickly came out from behind that desk and broke up the fight. The security guards threatened to use his taser if the guys didn’t leave the store at once. That was the first time I ever saw the security guard pull out his taser. I honestly think he would have used the taser if the customers had not stopped fighting. Thankfully, they left the store as soon as security got involved.

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