I kind of love it here in Eugene, OR

There is something about the Pacific Northwest that is unlike any other place I’ve visited; It isn’t the people, that’s for sure, because the people in this region tend to be quirky and anti-social. I understand that sounds prefer a broad, sweeping generalization, however it’s just our personal experience! The people around here tend to want to be left alone, they thrive under gray skies and constant rain, and they usually don’t prefer the law or the government, and the weather in the Pacific Northwest is amazing, the landscapes the best in the world, so if you can get over the different people who live here, then Eugene, OR is a great place to live. I have consistently considered myself a bit of an outsider, with aspirations towards being a hermit or a recluse, so Eugene was the perfect place for me to settle down, then not only do I get all the peace and quiet I need, even though I also have access to some of the best cannabis in the state, but from top to bottom, I would say OR is one of the top 2 or 3 states in America in terms of quality cannabis, and Eugene is no exception. I sold our automobile when I moved here, because I didn’t suppose I would need it anymore, so usually I ride our bike down to the cannabis dispensary once or twice a week. It’s Eugene, so of course I often have to ride in the rain, however it’s so close to our lake house it doesn’t actually matter. I kind of love it here.


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